Alpine Rescue & Mountain Emergency Medicine

Current Recommendations

All new recommendations published by ICAR MedCom have to undergo a peer review process and must be approved by the ICAR MedCom delegates. 'Current recommendations' are up to date and  monitored by ICAR MedCom members. These recommendations and are updated when new scientific data is published.

Currently, a panel of experts is reviewing some of the older recommendations and are looking to update the suitable ones.

ICAR MedCom supports Open Access publications.

Medical Management of Avalanche Victims 2023
Translations of the Algorithm AVRC 2023

Clinical Staging of Accidental Hypothermia

Multi Casualty Incidents

Multiple Trauma Management

Determination of Death in Mountain Rescue : ICAR MED REC 0038 2020

Suspension Syndrome: ICAR MED REC 0036 2020

Management of Moderate and Severe Pain in Mountain Rescue